Up and running kubernetes cluster on aws eks in 10 minutes

In this post, I will share the post Up and running kubernetes cluster on aws eks in 10 minutes with cli tool called eksctl.

eksctl is cli tool written in GO by weaveworks and based on Amazon’s official CloudFormation templates.

Install eksctl

In our example, we will use wget, so make sure it is installed before you proceed.

On MAC you can do

Configure AWS API credentials

Install pip:

You can now install an awscli package using pip:

Let’s configure aws key/secret

Create Amazon EKS Cluster with eksctl

When all settings have been saved, you can now create a new cluster on EKS:

Options that can be used include:

Let’s begin creating our first kubernetes cluster with eksctl

Once you have created a cluster, the cluster credentials will be added in ~/.kube/config

To enable Auto Scaling Group for worker nodes group, use the options:

To get details about the deployed cluster or delete cluster:

Deploying Kubernetes on AWS EKS service with eksctl is easy, you do not need to struggle with aws console in UI. All cluster configurations are saved on deployment machine, you can quickly make changes and update your cluster.

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