Always late or [last minute], pragmatical and charming Not taking [the straight], but the [scenic route]!
I have [done it] but I have done it Inka style.
by Inkapinka - 2018-11-16
An [injury] [inflicted] by someone playing [Nintendo Wii].
[Jaime] was standing next to Lisa, playing [Wii Tennis] when she jabbed her in the arm with the [Wiimote], causing her an injuwii.
by havaguday - 2018-11-16
The act of [penetration]. Usually refers to [sexual] [situations].
dude, they totally did some [penis] and [vaginal] [injuvination] last night!
by nana100% - 2018-11-16
[Adverb]. A word used to describe something that is unjust. [Mostly] used in [Louisiana].
i have been injustic [charged] on my [phone bill]
by JustMeInOKC - 2018-11-16
The feeling of being angry and [outraged] at an [unfair] decision or event. Form of [righteous] anger.
"The [referee] gave him a [penalty] even though he [dived]." "I'm so injusticated!"
by liakias - 2018-11-16
To injure someone in such a [way] that they are [left] [paralyzed]
Drebot, [look at me] again and [I will] injuryze you
by Bronxx - 2018-11-16
It is where you put 1 [fist] [in her] pussy and you put the other fist in her ass. then you start [punching].
A: I gave a chick a [evander holyfield] last night. B: [You should] play "[Eye of the Tiger]" when you do that.
by B PB - 2018-11-16
[the man] who [knocked out] [mike tyson]
[Evander holyfield] got a [TKO] on [iron mike]!
by vanillqa midget - 2018-11-16
A vegan, [math teacher] that is a previous navy man. He enjoys singing [the navy] song that talks about seeing [the seven seas].
by NATHIN - 2018-11-16
Tha [real deal], Serious, Not a joke or not to be [brushed] off or [ignored].
I'm [boutta] go [get em] for what they [done]. That's holyfield.
by JasonLivesFridayTha13th - 2018-11-16